Don’t Be In A Hurry. 

Waiting for something can really drive one crazy but if you are patient enough, the joy supersedes every pain you must have felt. 

Why try to reach for the stars, when the star will definitely come to you in its splendor. Refocus that energy into loving yourself. 

Even creation took God six days to complete and he rested the seventh day and watch things play out as he knew they would. 

When we desire things in life and is delayed, it doesn’t necessarily mean is as a result of your sins – God doesn’t dwell in unforgiveness and bitterness, he is ever loving. 

There are stages in life and no man should miss a step just because you feel you want it now. There is a reason why babies don’t talk immediately after birth. 

There is a reason why crawling comes before walking – there’s joy in every little beginning, we only focus at the end that we forget to appreciate the journey and the relationships worth making. 

Don’t be in a hurry that you forget to pray, play and be happy. 


Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of it. – Mark Twain. 

I have to admit that as our faces are different, so is our life’s journey. It can’t be the same for everyone and no one should expect otherwise. 

The common denominator that everyone can and should take along this journey is courage

For every trial you are currently undergoing –  take courage

For every hardship you’ve endured and enduring  – take courage. 

For every challenge that will come your way – take courage. 

And for everything else you are personally undergoing that no one knows about – take courage. 

We are stronger than we know it, even adaptable to any and all environment. For nothing last forever, and even if they did – everything that has a beginning always has an end. 

Take courage. 

Eschew Self Doubt. 

A beautiful day it is and I plan on spending it well. 

I have plans of going out to meet new people as well as challenges today but most importantly I don’t plan on doubting myself – Is a mindset. 

Amidst all the drama surrounding everyone of us, it might feel okay to just give in or give up. Who wouldn’t, after trying everything you could  and still there ain’t any changes. I understand, but what if your next try will yield the results you so desperately desire? 

So do not doubt your abilities simply because of mere criticism and negativity you get. Eschew from such influences and most importantly from self doubt.  A little patience and persistence will do the trick. 


 Often we put so much effort in our jobs and in building relationships with family and friends. 

To keep focus on our responsibilities, obligations and living a functional life, we must prioritize well – starting of course with “yourself”, because ;

1. A healthy mind free from tension and worry will result to better communication with others at any point in time. 

2. An organised self will be ready to serve others irrespective of who should be doing that. 

3. A contented person is free from jealous, envy, and malice. 

4. Only a happy person can accommodate and manage miscommunication and unforeseen troubles. 

5. You cannot give what you don’t have, nor offer peace to someone else when he/she is full of trouble and heartaches. 

He Takes No Permission To Bless

The beauty of each day is because of the one true God, who takes no permission to bring joy every step of the way. 

Serving God is so beautiful that you have nothing to worry about, you just enjoy his riches in glory. For his supply never dries. 

My personal journey with him has been a privilege and no amount of my wealth can ever repay him of his goodness. He has never taken permission from any man to bless me and he has no intention of starting now. 

In Their Shoes.

Even with all our education and qualifications, no one, not even the clergy can be said to be without fault. Life is just beautiful with all these differences and more.

The old claims to know better and to have seen enough to know that everything is vanity but the young at heart sees opportunity and cannot be constrained to live a normal life just because all our life’s struggle is all but nothing, vanity upon vanity.

It is paramount that we don’t impose our principles on others nor see them as ambitious simply because we do not share the same ideology about how life should be lived as they do. We are all called but only a few are chosen.

These selected few are the same that show their indelible smiles throughout life and make it look easy, whereas they  shouldered  so many responsibilities that the mouth can’t  put into words.

In their own shoes, life isn’t simply fair but they never complained. They saw their voice as the key to freedom of all sorts.

They surfaced confidence whereas they fear failure and going back to the gutter of life, where no light is at the end of the tunnel but only more darkness and confusion.

They confront their challenges and don’t give up until they behead the very obstacle to their future.

There is a reason why we all have different shoe sizes, different faces, nose, heights, and capabilities.



Life is all about the little decisions you make each day. Decisions of the past have had their effect but every new day can be a new start. No matter what has happened up till now, you have a chance to make the right decisions now.

Stop wasting time relieving the pains of the past mistakes and wrong decisions. There is something you can do today. You can’t change the past, but the future is what you want to make it, let the past to God, take mastery of the present.

Learn from the erroneous decision and actions of the past, forgive those who wronged you and make up with those you wronged. That sounds crazy and difficult but that is life; don’t put it off – Do it, reach out.

Change is possible, the choice is yours. Arise and do what you got to do.

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