Temptation To Sin. 

Temptation to sin has a broad spectrum of application. It can be telling a little-white-lie or a big fat in-your-face lie. It can mean inflating numbers on a work report or stealing a widow’s retirement account. It can describe lusting after a person or having a full-blown affair.  At some point in our walk with Christ, we will be tested.  We will be tempted! The Bible makes it clear we are not bad people because we are tempted. How we handle the temptation, however, says a lot about who we are at our core.  Matthew 12:33 (NLT) says,“A tree is identified by its fruit.  If a tree is good, its fruit will be good. If a tree is bad, its fruit will be bad.”

Just as temptation begins in our mind, we can use our mind to combat following through and ultimately committing sin.

The next time we are tempted to commit sin, use our minds in any variety of ways to help resist. One way is to focus on something else. Call a friend. Go for a run. Schedule a volunteer opportunity at a homeless shelter.  Share the temptation with a trusted Godly friend. Read the Psalms. Redirect thoughts. Another way is to think about consequences of the intended sin. How will it inflict pain or suffering? Will it be worth the potential emotional and practical consequences? A great way to fight temptation is to pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to provide the necessary strength to stay strong! Ask Him to bring-to-mind Scripture references to help the fight.

– CBN. 


Searching For Meaning. 

The longer I live, the more there is to learn and be better than I was yesterday. But often I ask myself, am I more of a spectator or a contributor to my society and the world at large? 

Am I satisfied with my present contribution? And the answer is NO! so I train myself to ask daily questions of; 

What is life asking of me?  Then I listen to the still  small voice of conscience for the answer

In search for meaning and my purpose of creation, it is possible to loose course of my destination and have unplanned fun that are unhealthy. 

Hence I ask myself, “How would you choose to spend the next year, month or days if you knew it was your last?” 

It is important that we get hold of ourselves and forget about the current situation that takes our time and energy to discuss – but use such energy to be productive in thinking and creating a world that we want. 

Searching for meaning indicates that you have resolved to do your best at all time and everyday. 

Searching for meaning shows your everyday greatness while still struggling with your flaws. 

Searching for meaning is building relationships with people even though you’ve been hurt several times. 

People who search for meaning in life are those who have formed their thoughts and actions around a purpose that makes their life of most worth – Stephen Covey. 

Prove Yourself To Yourself – Not Others. 

There are many things in life that is worth spending time over but not proving yourself to others. Nah! That’s illegal. 

Is time to live your life because is yours and not because your friends say so. 

Be your own boss and take responsibility of your actions. 

Work hard because you have to – not because others are doing so. 

Solve problems because you are passionate about other people’s needs. 

Mentor people because you were once where they are today. 

Give hope to others because you know the importance while you were down. 

Be You because others have been taken. 

Crime And Christ. 

On my way to work, I am grateful for another opportunity to add value to people around me and the world indirectly. There are so many reasons to be thankful today. 

In the past I have tried to fathom God’s ways but all to no avail. For His ways are not our ways, hence I will be right to say that Christ came for all. 

No matter the label the world has given you, the accusations and prejudice. Christ is ready and willing to take our burden and not just make it light but give us a permanent peace that the world cannot afford. 

It is not surprising that even in death, He pardoned a thief (possibly a murderer) and promised him equal share with the father in heaven. 

Our multitude of crime, sin and wickedness cannot stop God’s love for mankind BUT be rest assured that you ask for his forgiveness and turn from your ways. 

At the end of the day, our first and only purpose in life is to serve God and walk in his ways – for which every other thing shall and will be added unto us. 

Proud In Sin? 

The struggle is always on, we’ve all done things we are not proud of. But we chose to move on and live forever young in someone’s heart through our legacy. 

What makes living difficult and existing normal to some of us is the simple act of selflessness or selfishness. The very one we allow bears its fruits in us. 

Don’t be proud in sin, we can be better than we were yesterday. Giving in to your sinful desires and accepting it as who you are, will not reduce God’s standard to make heaven. 

We have to be stronger and believe in possibilities. 

Be Skillful 

In current times, the world has witnessed series of skills brought forth from people of different race, ethnicity and backgrounds, making the world a better place full of life and possibilities. 

Skill depending on an individual can be an edge over others, and most times it is the common denominator for all entrepreneurs. 

When you are Skillful, you’ve learnt something instrumental to your present and future, that which cannot be taken away from you. It is absolutely different from talent or gift, is something that we become master of. 

With so many competitions from education to career, it is expedient that you get skilled at something and the goodnews is that age is not a determining factor to learn a new skill. 

How To Handle Dissapointment. 

First of all it is very important that you don’t expect anything whatsoever from anybody. Yes!

You only have to keep an open HANDS, if and when you are given anything and REMAIN GRATEFUL. 

I have met people who keeps complaining about how bitter they are towards someone who failed to fulfill their promise and the keyword/statement  has always been “why will someone promise you something when they know they wouldn’t see it through” among others. 

But then we forget that the same person who failed on his or her promise firstly, has the willingness to give, secondly, is not giving because he/she wants someone in return, thirdly, might have had some setbacks which you would have know if you cared enough to check on them instead of waiting to excel through someone’s sweat. 

When people don’t come through with their promise, it is not a yardstick to measure their goodness, being a Christian (like most people thinks this days), or even unfriend them rather is the time to come closer to find out about his or her welfare – life is just so unpredictable. 

We handle disappointment by:

1. Always be prepared for the worst. 

2. Create time to check on your helper/sponsor/assistant. 

3. Build on your relationship with the person. 

4. Be happy for their concern even though it didn’t work out. 

5. Then stop blaming yourself for things not working out. 

6. Remain positive. 

Channel Your Disadvantages To God. 

I used to struggle with lack of confidence, not being able to talk and handle situations. 

For the longest time I can remember, It was so embarrassing until I started studying the word of God, fellowshiping with different people who shared their own challenges. 

In no little time, I began to share my own story and channeling my all to God. It became evident that casting my burden to God will make it light and my success will come at ease. 

What sustained my growth wasn’t just the fellowship I attended or the people I met there but my personal relationship with God. Understanding his will for me, made my mouth his mouthpiece. 

Are you struggling with something that you feel no one can understand? God can and is ready to direct you! 

All you have to do is acknowledge that you need help, ask for him to come into your life and then allow him to rule over your life, House, career, relationship and future. 

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