How To Handle Dissapointment. 

First of all it is very important that you don’t expect anything whatsoever from anybody. Yes!

You only have to keep an open HANDS, if and when you are given anything and REMAIN GRATEFUL. 

I have met people who keeps complaining about how bitter they are towards someone who failed to fulfill their promise and the keyword/statement  has always been “why will someone promise you something when they know they wouldn’t see it through” among others. 

But then we forget that the same person who failed on his or her promise firstly, has the willingness to give, secondly, is not giving because he/she wants someone in return, thirdly, might have had some setbacks which you would have know if you cared enough to check on them instead of waiting to excel through someone’s sweat. 

When people don’t come through with their promise, it is not a yardstick to measure their goodness, being a Christian (like most people thinks this days), or even unfriend them rather is the time to come closer to find out about his or her welfare – life is just so unpredictable. 

We handle disappointment by:

1. Always be prepared for the worst. 

2. Create time to check on your helper/sponsor/assistant. 

3. Build on your relationship with the person. 

4. Be happy for their concern even though it didn’t work out. 

5. Then stop blaming yourself for things not working out. 

6. Remain positive. 


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