Channel Your Disadvantages To God. 

I used to struggle with lack of confidence, not being able to talk and handle situations. 

For the longest time I can remember, It was so embarrassing until I started studying the word of God, fellowshiping with different people who shared their own challenges. 

In no little time, I began to share my own story and channeling my all to God. It became evident that casting my burden to God will make it light and my success will come at ease. 

What sustained my growth wasn’t just the fellowship I attended or the people I met there but my personal relationship with God. Understanding his will for me, made my mouth his mouthpiece. 

Are you struggling with something that you feel no one can understand? God can and is ready to direct you! 

All you have to do is acknowledge that you need help, ask for him to come into your life and then allow him to rule over your life, House, career, relationship and future. 


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