Are You Willing? 

When we want something, we always feel the need to go the extra mile and that’s okay. But we forget that with good relationship with others, the extra effort will put in search for our desires wouldn’t be necessary. 

Now let me explain, in sharing our life’s journey with others and valuing their friendship, we become family to each other that anybody’s problems is everybody’s problem. Is that simple. 

The question then is: are you willing to stay in a relationship with others in good times and in bad? 

Will you be true to someone without expecting anything in return. Thats love – selfless attitude towards others. 

Be willing to live life even when the risks seems too much. 

Be willing to give people second chance. 

Be willing to forgive yourself and move on.

Be willing to learn new things and stand corrected when you are wrong. 

Be willing to see beyond others fault. 

Be willing to love selflessly.  


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