King Solomon said: “As a city broken through without a wall, is the man that has no restraint for his spirit.” (proverbs 25:28;29:11). Restraining one’s spirit, exercising self – control, is vital for those who want a happy life. 

Surrendering to destructive emotions, such as rage or immoral lust, will cause damage that takes years to repair – if it can be repaired at all. 

Take this as an example; after taking so much time to iron your cloth, dressed up and head to work – someone drove pass you, splashing dirt all over your cloth and immediately you picked a rock and smashed his car window. The obvious outcome has ripple effect on both you and the car owner, which could have been avoided if you turned back home to change. Is annoying and not what you planned for but so is life. 

When you value self – control, you begin to think for the other person that angered you. You weigh the outcome of your reaction even before acting on it. You see life as it is and not what you want it to be. 

The truth is that expecting perfection from someone who has several demons he or she is facing is like saying there isn’t anyone that has problems but only you. 


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